Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Westbury Filtermation can solve all your kitchen extract problems, from grease and carbon filtration, ductwork cleaning, canopy cleaning, fan and motor maintenance to weekly grease filter changing programmes. Our aim is to help you to manage your kitchen extract system to run efficiently and to clean it when it needs to be cleaned. We will also provide reports, photographs and certificates to prove that you are taking more than reasonable steps to prevent fires in your kitchen.

Try our proven four step approach to keeping kitchen extract systems clean:

Step One – Initial Survey:

Free of charge, we will carry out an inspection of your entire system to establish whether it is running efficiently or requires cleaning. In addition, we will provide you with a planned maintenance programme, which will include photographs, grease measurements and airflow charts.

Step Two – “The Clean”:

We will agree a maintenance programme and carry out the initial works. On completion of the initial works, a certificate of work done will be provided, together with a report including photographs. Finally, a date will be agreed for the next stage of the programme.

Step Three – “The Clean” continues:

We will complete the remainder of the programme. At the end of a 12 month period, we will review the work done to date and prepare an appropriate programme for the next 12 months. Additionally, we can take you on to Step Four for a premium level of service.

Step Four – Premium Service:

A full system check will be completed before we leave site. 20% of our work will be ‘audited’ by an independant company and a report of the findings will be supplied. We provide an emergency service for extract fan breakdowns, together with regular servicing. We can also maintain and store your records, photographs and validation reports on our purpose-built database, and supply you with copies at any time.

Grease Filter Cleaning – We offer regular grease filter cleaning. This service entails that all filters are removed for cleaning on a weekly or monthly basis and is commonly known as the “Milk Rounds”.

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