Environmental compliance can bring business benefits. Many businesses have realised that acting in a socially and environmentally responsible way is more than just a legal duty. It effects the bottom line and the long-term success of the business.

Specifically designed to reduce ventilation costs within buildings, the Products within the Westbury Filtermation ‘Low Energy Series’ utilize the latest technologies to help reduce the energy consumption of air handling equipment and, by doing so, reduce the costs to both the business and the environment.

As a major manufacturer of air filters we recognise our obligation to design and produce products that reduce the ecological impact necessary to provide clean air for internal environments. Through constant vigilance and improvement we continue to enable our customers to be able to select environmentally friendly products that can meet and exceed their expectations.

Our Low Energy Series Product Range

The LGP30 Pleated Panel

The LGP30 Pleated Panel has been designed to meet with the demands of pre-f...

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The E-Save Bag Filter Range

  The E-Save energy saving bag filter range has been develope...

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West Life Rigid Bag Filters

  The West Life Energy rated Rigid Bag filter is a new genera...

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