Containment Filtration

Westbury Filtermation has launched a glovebox push-through filter that doesn’t snag gloves, that is manufactured from modern materials and is easily disposed of when exhausted.

The new Push2 H14 Glovebox Push-through Hepa Filter combines all of the above attributes and will also last longer than the competition due to the extended filter surface area in the filter cartridge.

The continuous safety edge of the handle moulding, along with its modern ergonomic design, means that the filter can be easily and simply manoeuvred by the thickest isolator gloves – no more juggling with metal components that are difficult to grip and may tear the gloves.

The outer components of the filter are manufactured solely from modern moulded polymers and the entire filter contains no metal parts or components, so disposal is simple.

To demonstrate the superior performance of the Push2 Filter, Westbury Filtermation has tested the filter to breach conditions ie: where the isolator integrity has been breached – typically a damaged glove. Throughout these tests, the filter retained its integrity and continued to deliver the required level of operator protection.

Every Push2 Filter is individually tested and provided with its own unique reference and test certificate.  This information is also printed on the filter itself and on the protective carton in which the filter arrives.

Download datasheet HERE

Containment Filtration

Containment Filtration