Carbon Filtration

Carbon filtration systems are employed to remove unpleasant or even dangerous odours and gases from a wide variety of sources.  Activated Carbon is used in many diverse applications, ranging from maintaining cleanliness in commercial kitchens, to providing chemical warfare protection in fighting vehicles.

Westbury Filtermation offer a range of carbon filtration systems, and our Technical Team can provide the right solution, whatever the problem:

Bonded Carbon

Activated Carbon in its loose granular form can present problems as there is a tendency to for the granules to abrade one another.  This causes both settlement of the carbon, creating potential bypass voids, and produces carbon dust that can be reentrained into the air-stream.  The unique bonding method in our Bonded Carbon Panels eradicates these problems by producing a solid and stable biscuit of consistent quality and dimensional stability that produces an even resistance.


  • Incoming air in industrial plants, airports, art galleries etc.
  • Outgoing air in kitchens, industrial processes, sewage plants etc.

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Pleated Carbon Panels

The Carbopleat Disposable panel filter provides a low cost but effective solution to removing airborne molecular contamination at levels of less than one particle per million. It provides low resistance to air with uniform dispersion of carbon throughout the media. Being fully incinerable, the carbon filter is particularly suited for application where this form of disposal of the spent carbon filter is anticipated.


The carbopleat is suitable for most applications to remove airborne molecular contamination at levels of less than one particle per million; typically furnaces, heating vents, air purifiers and ozone removal devices.

Click Here for the Pleated Carbon Panels Datasheet