Westbury Filtermation is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Air Filters.

We distribute products throughout the UK and the world.  Our state of the art manufacturing facilities ensure that we are able to comply with the most stringent of requirements, whilst offering fast lead times, first class technical support and competitive prices.

We manufacture a full range of filtration components, materials, fan belts and accessories.

Air Filters


Our range includes Filter Panels, Fancoil Filters, Cut Pads & Holding ...

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Secondary Filtration

Our range includes Synthetic Bag Air Filters and Rigid Bag Air Filters Rel...

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HEPA Filtration

Our range includes Deep Pleated HEPAs, Laminar Minipleat and Ultra High Cap...

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Carbon Filtration

Carbon filtration systems are employed to remove unpleasant or even dangero...

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