Standards & Test News – EN779:2012

You may be aware of the two new developments in air filtration standards within the UK & Europe, that came into force in the past few years.

  • The first of these was the introduction of a new test method (EN779:2012), this replaced EN779:2002 and changes within the criterion of the test method meant that many of the air filters rated  F7, F8 and F9 supplied over past years failed to pass the new test method.
  • The second development was a new standard to determine the Energy performance of air filters , the latest version of  this standard is Eurovent 4/11 2014 . It provides an energy rating scale of  A to E  for Grades of air filter from G4 to F9.  Energy performance has become  more and more important as EU directives require public and commercial buildings to improve their overall energy efficiency.  A high proportion (up to 20%) of electrical power in buildings being consumed by heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems reducing these costs is beneficial to both the building operator & the environment


As a forward thinking and energy conscious company we have new materials & products that meet these test methods, the benefits of this new generation of air filters is improved energy cost savings along with elevated levels of performance and longer product life. Please follow the link below to learn more about our Low Energy Series product range.

Please note however, should you wish to continue using the products you have used over past years that comply to the old standards we will continue to service these requirements unabated.

We would welcome the opportunity to visit you and give a short presentation detailing these changes and what they mean to your business, additionally, should you require it, we would be delighted to visit any site and provide a compliance assessment totally free of charge


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Standards & Test News - EN779:2012